First of all, I’m grateful for you for stopping by and sharing your time and energy with me here in Plants & Purpose. Big virtual hug to you!

I’m a Registered Nutritionist Dietitian (RND) who graduated from the University of the Philippines Los Banos. I’m a proud scholar of the Philippines because I’m forever grateful to be given that opportunity. My degree, the campus and everything in my college life had a great influence on who I am today and how I want to give back to the Filipinos and our country.  


My interest in plant-based nutrition and holistic wellness has only intensified in the recent years, but I have long been passionate about helping individuals make positive and sustainable changes to their health to be able to live and enjoy a better quality of life while being mindful of the environment and all beings
— and this is part of my mission.

Aside from being passionate about plant-based nutrition, I’m also into dragon boat paddling, yoga, Crossfit, swimming, reading, watching documentaries, travelling, sustainable living, tree planting, cleaning up beaches, supporting local businesses and social enterprises, attending music festivals/concerts, and of course, spending quality time with my loved ones.

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Powered by Plants and Driven by Purpose 

— that’s what Plants & Purpose is all about. This is an extension of myself, my beliefs, and values.


Plants & Purpose is my creative outlet to tell and share learnings, stories, facts, researches, journals and every bit of content that I know will help you start, guide and thrive on a plant-based lifestyle. I’m a lifelong learner and I enjoy writing and publishing articles to create more value to you which may include plant-based nutrition facts, science, recipes, dietary behaviour, strategies and anything plant-based.

 Plants & Purpose is where I’m also offering my expertise and nutrition coaching service which is the Plant-Based Nutrition Coaching sessions. This is a one-on-one virtual coaching session where I, as your RND, will coach you on how you can achieve your personal health goals through a plant-based diet. I’ll make sure you’re doing it right at your own pace that is sustainable to your lifestyle. I value each one’s bio-individuality which means I consider that each client is a unique individual with highly individualized nutritional requirements. Though whole foods plant-based diet is the optimal diet, it still has to be customized to each individual.  

Aside from these, I’m looking forward to continuously create content through ebooks, partnerships, courses and possibly, a book. I’m excited about the future, but I’m more focused on living in the present moment to give value here in Plants & Purpose.


Being an RND, plant-based nutrition was new to me, but I got interested in it. I researched it through books, documentaries, studies and other resources. After months of learning and validating the diet, and trying it on and off for several months, I finally decided to take my 30-day Plant-Based Challenge last April 2019 because I was already convinced that it is a healthy and the optimal diet. Long story short, I’ve completed it and have been 100% plant-based until today. This life-changing experience has driven me to be knowledgeable in the field by being Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition by Cornell University and Center for Nutrition Studies by Dr Colin Campbell who’s one of the pioneers in promoting a whole foods plant-based diet way back 1990 and through his 2005 book, The China Study.   

 I’ve never been better in terms of my health through a plant-based diet, mostly whole foods. I’m not 100% whole foods yet, but it’s my goal and my journey will get there. I addressed my problem in indigestion which is my most significant health improvement and lost some weight which is a plus because I’m comfortable already with my current numbers. In terms of fitness performance, I feel that I perform better. I train for dragon boat paddling four times a week, with yoga and CrossFit cross training once a week.  I’ve felt an increase in my energy levels and faster recovery which helps me to train 6 days a week, 1-4 hours per session. Where do I get my protein? From plants.

 With the knowledge and firsthand experience in plant-based nutrition, I created my 4-Week Plant-Based Nutrition Program and started offering it Last January 2020 through Humble Market, where I work as a resident RND. I started coaching clients on how to achieve their personal health goals through a plant-based diet. I became my first client, technically, and it gave me an advantage of being able to relate to my clients’ struggles, confusions and questions. Every coaching session is a fulfilling experience as I see them happy with their wins and learnings leading them towards their health goals. It’s a happy pill for me every time!


Have you heard about the concept of Ikigai?  It’s a Japanese word which translates to “a reason for being” or in another way, the answer to the question, “What’s your reason for getting up in the morning?” 

Ever since I’ve learned the concept 5 years ago, it has always been in my mind. I’ve considered a couple of careers but I didn’t feel that I’ve found it already. The last year 2019, I’ve started to immerse and cultivate my rekindled interest in the health and wellness industry, started my plant-based journey, and worked voluntarily for a health coaching company. I am in my flow.

Life suddenly surprised me by making me realize that I may have found my Ikigai. I’ve finally found the intersection of what I love (passion), what the world needs (mission), what you are good at (vocation) and what I can get paid for (profession).

“So, what is my purpose?”

I want to guide Filipinos to achieve their health and fitness goals through plant-based nutrition and holistic wellness. I would like to see our country, the Philippines, harnessing the power of plants to optimize our health and well-being, to take care of our environment and to live with compassion to the animals.